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Monday, 4 July 2011

Lanaya Hero Guide - The Templar Assasin :))

Role: Carry/Semi-Carry, Ganker
Side Notes: She's good at raping Nukers. Especially if they have low HP.

Skill Build (Lv1-7)
1: (Refraction/Meld) or Psi Blades
2: (Refraction/Meld) or Psi Blades
3: Refraction or Meld
4: Refraction or Meld
5: Refraction or Meld
6: Psionic Trap
7: Refraction or Meld

  • Psi Blades help you last hit better. You need a level in this early-on. The sooner the better. If you're not laning with someone like Zeus, then you should take Psi Blades at Lv1.
  • Max either Refraction or Meld. This is variable on your match-up, but in general, if you're against more nukes, max Refraction. Against DoT, max Meld. If you're unsure, max Refraction.
  • Ult is good. Take it.
  • Orange is Meld maxed firstPink is Refraction maxed firstWhite is Universal

Skill Build (Lv8+)
8: Refraction or Meld
9: Refraction or Meld
10: Refraction or Meld
11: Psionic Trap
12: Psi Blade
13: Psi Blade
14: Psi Blade
15: Stats
16: Psionic Trap
17+: You don't need a guide for this

Posted Image

  • Blocks 5 instances of damage. Use this to trick your enemies into casting spells on you.
  • Cast it before going into battle. Usually this will let you get another cast in battles, which is quite significant.

Posted Image

  • Meld can dodge single-target projectiles because it turns you invisibile instantly. If you can be seen while invisible, you cannot dodge.

Psi Blades
Posted Image

  • Psi Blades splashes in a straight line; use this to last hit. (and harress, where possible)
  • Meld's +50/100/150/200 damage boost can splash.

Psionic Trap
Posted Image

  • Has a long cast range; abuse it.
  • Spam it in ganks.
  • Place behind trees/in areas with fog to prevent ganks.
  • Use it to gain sight of runes.
  • When laning, place multiples of this and space them evenly apart. This lets you chain multiple traps on an escaping target.


Starting Items: Combination of Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Core: Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image + 1~2 (Posted Image/Posted Image/Posted Image)

  • Threads to STR for a safe game. Threads to AGI if you want to rambo.
  • TP is a must.
  • Bottle to Runewhore. Use Psionic Traps for sight.
  • Wand is great.
  • Wraith Bands if you need the early advantage. Bracers if you need extra HP. PMS if you bought 2 slippers and don't feel like 2 Wraith Bands.

Extensions: Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

  • Desolator or Dagger? I recommend Dagger if you can farm it up in 1 shot. Desolator if you can't.
  • Note: Desolator and Dagger are essential. Get them both.
  • Crystalys because its cheap, synergies with Refraction/Desolator. Great item overall. If you can't farm up Dagger or Desolator and need more damage, this is what you should get.

Luxury: Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

  • Butterfly because Evasion helps, Attack Speed helps, AGI helps. +Damage, not so. (remember you have 2 spells + Desolator to boost damage)
  • Buriza because it provides awesome damage.
  • Assault Curiass because the +AS and -Armor auras are awesome. Plus, you're squishy.
  • Hearts for the HP
  • Guinsoo because Hex is priceless (cliche'd) and also you can't out-carry hardcarries. That Hex will probably be more helpful than other items

Situational: Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

  • BKB if there are too many disables flying around.
  • Linkens, I recommend this guide to deciding whether you need it.
  • Blademail if you don't want to get targetted by Ursa or something.
  • If you do not have a clear idea of what you are doing, avoid Travels. Otherwise, by all means.

Other Items: I do not absolutely reject other items. This is a guide and should be treated as such. If you know what you are doing, feel free to get other items. However, the items stated above are what works best, usually. There may be other situations where you need to adapt and get other items. In such cases, adapt. Note that this also applies to the Skill Build.


  • Solo Mid
  • Dual Lane with Stunner/Slower
  • Other (if you know what you're doing)


  • Once you hit Lv6~7, start ganking. Farm abit.
  • 75% gank, 25% farm.
  • Kudos to you if your team has stunners/slowers
  • Runewhore like there's no tommorow
  • If you cannot gank for whatever reason (bad team/overfed enemies), then just go farm.
  • If you still cannot gank succesfully by Lv10~11, you're pretty much worthless. Go farm like crazy.
  • If that fails, hope your team can pull a mircale. Or else, GG.

Things NOT to do

  • Meld and Camp forever
  • Meld in front of an enemy with AOE and expect not to die
  • Get Lothar / Phase Boots
  • Start with Bottle
  • Meld when you know they have Dust/Sentries

Things you MUST do

  • Gank
  • Gank
  • Gank
  • Help people Gank with Psionic Trap
  • Last Hit creeps with Refraction/Psi Blades
  • Have a TP Scroll on you 24/7, unless you have Travels

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